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What is a booicore?

Best described as a giant hoodie that is big enough to hang down past your knees with large arm holes to easily get your arms in and out of (for a good rummage underneath).

What is it for?

For getting changed under in a public place and getting the muck, water and/or sweat off you or whatever it is you managed to get yourself covered in doing dumbass sports.

a ghost wearing a booicore... wooooooooWhy do I need one?

You need to get changed outdoors and don't want to look like you're off for a spot of dogging.

Who uses them?

We do, that's why we started making them. Our extended family of users so far include Mountain Bikers, Kayakers, Triathletes, Windsurfers, Kite Surfers, Surfers, Cross Country Runners and Couch Potatoes.

Why the booicore?

They're built to last. From design to manufacture, they are made to be the absolute best you can get your hands on. We don't cut a single corner. We make them to stand up to all the use and abuse you can throw at them.

Where can I get one?

We asked the stores we know that we think really represent their chosen sport to stock it. They're listed below. There are a few more fine folks that fit that bill we haven't met yet, watch this space.

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